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Turmeric Smoothie?

Let me be clear: Adding turmeric does not make your food ayurvedic...

Q and A of the week - No.6

The practice of asanas transforms as we go deeper, from physical to mental to pranic realms. There are layers to the same practice. Here is a question and a deep exploration of Veerasana / Warrior pose

5 Days of Delight- Deepawali

Deepawali marks the establishment of dharma that allows the awakening of our highest potential. The festival lasts for 5 days where each day has a special symbolic meaning and rituals associated with it.

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Ayurvedic Subtle Therapies - Webinar

Study the ayurvedic subtle therapies, Tanmatra Chikitsa from the comfort of your home or while on the go through this webinar.

Free workshop on Yoga Nidra

Learn how to bring the practice of Yoga Nidra into your teachings in this free workshop

‚Äč10 +1 suggestions on how to lead a Yoga class

Let Yoga be. It is not meant to be picture perfect. Every asana is not an opportunity to look perfect

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Celebrate Wisdom

Basant Panchami is sn annual celebration of wisdom, life, spring and Goddess Sarasawati. Read about the rituals, practices and mantra associated with it.

Q and A of the week - No.7

8 tips for a deeper shavasana


The answer to the question 'What is yoga?' is not limited to one person, one text or one single interpretation. It is as many meanings as many people are asked this question. It is the most widely understood as well as misunderstood word in Sanskrit.

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